Dr. Pantea Foroudi

Editorial Board

Pantea Foroudi (PhD, Brunel Business School). She initially studied for her first MSc degree in Graphic Design, Azad University, Tehran, Iran and second MA degree in Marketing and Communication Management, University of The Arts London.
Pantea’s major research interest is in corporate identity, corporate visual identity/design, branding, communications, and marketing with a particular focus on corporate logo, corporate image and corporate reputation from a Multi-Disciplinary approach. Pantea has attended more than sixteen international marketing conferences since 2007.

Pantea has several years of experience of working in marketing, design, advertising and market research firms and has conducted research projects in UK and Iran. She is the first translator of Photoshop III software to Farsi in 1997 and published Persian HairpinsBook in 2001 in Persian language. She has designed numerous visual identity and branding for various organisations. Pantea has developed a mainstream interest in higher education marrying research and practice to help managers and decision makers to collaborate with designers in a mutual understanding of the concept to enrich the market.

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