Hany Elbardan

Associate Editor

Hany Elbardan has a wide research interests range from Accounting, Corporate Governance and Auditing, through to Information Systems and Social Sciences. He has been studying through a chain of related disciplines. He has gained research experience in both quantitative and qualitative research methods across different research areas. He got his PhD in Management Studies at Brunel University in London, UK.  His PhD. thesis is to qualitatively investigate the impact of Information Systems introduction within business organisations on developing a comprehensive internal auditing model to achieve better corporate governance process.

His Masters degree, in Managerial Accounting, quantitatively applied the theory of constraint concepts to improve the cost accounting practices and pricing decisions through focusing on the best use of bottlenecks and the rare resources. His current research interest is to use his mixed research background in business management to enhance different accounting functions within organizations locally and globally. He is interested in looking at behavioural, organisational, and managerial aspects of different accounting functions within various types of organizations.

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